Oya Y. Rieger is one of the organizers of the upcoming ASAPbio January 2020 Workshop: A Roadmap for Transparent and FAIR Preprints in Biology and Medicine. The workshop will take place on January 20-21, in Hinxton, UK. Oya will also lead a session on citations, archiving, sustainability, and adoption on Tuesday January 21 at 11:45 am. To view the complete agenda, please see the workshop website.

About the workshop

reprints offer an opportunity to advance science through accelerating communication and supporting discourse that enables research integrity and reproducibility. At the January 2020 ASAPbio workshop, co-organised with Jo McEntyre and Maria Levchenko (EMBL-EBI), and Oya Rieger (Ithaka S+R), we aim to develop an agreed set of ambitious, but achievable best practices for metadata and processes that would support discoverability, reuse, and interoperability of preprints. Implementing these best practices would build trust in preprints and encourage their broader community adoption as first-class research outputs that are ready for use, evaluation, and curation by the research and editorial community. We further aim to produce a roadmap for how services may begin to implement these practices.

The purpose of this workshop is to:

  • Exchange information about the current and future state of preprint platform operations
  • Develop consensus (or understand divergent visions) on practices and initiatives that could improve discoverability, reuse, and community trust in preprints
  • Develop recommendations to address opportunities, challenges and constraints with respect to implementing these practices and initiatives
  • Produce an actionable roadmap for implementing these (ambitious but achievable) recommendations
  • Continue to build relationships among the people bringing preprints to biology and welcome newcomers

While this workshop will not be livestreamed, meeting notes will be public and outputs will be published openly.

For the purpose of this workshop, we are using ‘preprints’ to describe life sciences and biomedical research content that is shared openly before peer-review on online platforms, and typically in the format of complete research manuscripts.