In this two-part live Lyrasis workshop, Ithaka S+R’s Oya Rieger will help attendees understand the basic processes and the lifecycle of project management, create and follow a work plan, manage personnel and team dynamics, and more.

Project management is an essential skill set to achieve specific objectives, whether you are overseeing or participating in an initiative. Project management knowledge even applies to everyday work life, as we are often constrained to a finite timeline and budget and must work within teams. Entrenching a project management mindset as a team is important in achieving and maintaining strategic goals set forth by your organization. In this workshop, we will go over the foundations of project management and offer insights on managing the interpersonal dynamics and organizational culture that influences the effectiveness of any work we do. The examples and exercise will be based on various library projects undertaken in cultural heritage organizations.

The workshops will take place on January 23 at 2:00pm and January 30 at 3:30pm ET. Visit the Lyrasis website to learn more and sign up.