On February 23, Roger Schonfeld will moderate a panel on mergers and acquisitions at the 2022 Researcher to Reader Conference. The full conference program can be found here.

About the session:

Consolidation is an expected feature of a developing digital platforms sector, as providers establish coherent user workflows, aggregate data sources to build scale for analytics and buy out competitors. We have seen all of these dynamics in the scholarly ecosystem in recent years, both by born-digital companies as well as primary publishers expanding into platforms and analytics. Consolidation mostly takes the form of acquisitions, but we have also seen investment portfolio models, as well as several notable strategic partnerships. This panel features executives and strategists who have played major roles in digital platform consolidation in recent years.


Andrew Preston
– Co-founder at Cassyni; former co-founder at Publons
Martha Sedgwick
– VP, Product Innovation at SAGE Publishing
Todd Toler
– VP Product Strategy and Partnerships at Wiley