On April 13, Roger Schonfield and Deanna Marcum  will discuss their new book, “Along Came Google: A History of Library Digitization” at RLUK’s Digital Shift Forum. Please the abstract below. The registration information is available here. 


The history of library digitization can provide many important lessons for library leaders today. In this session, Deanna Marcum and Roger Schonfeld, authors of the recently published Along Came Google (Princeton University Press), will have a conversation about some of the key issues. They will discuss…

Collaboration among libraries and with third party catalysts and partners, including commercial organizations;
The Google program’s incredible success — from Google’s perspective – and just how transformational it actually was (and was not) for access; and
The enduring importance of strong leadership.

Deanna and Roger look forward to discussing these and other issues together and with the Digital Shift participants.