Shared infrastructure includes everything from discovery services to identifier providers, from editorial management systems and hosting platforms to research integrity services. In one way or another, shared infrastructure is foundational to the work of every publisher.

This year, Ithaka S+R is conducting a study about successes, needs, and gaps in the publishing community’s shared infrastructure. The project, which is supported by STM Solutions, will result in a white paper to be published in early October.

This session, on Tuesday October 17 at 2:45 pm, will provide the first opportunity for the STM community to discuss its findings and recommendations. In addition to Roger Schonfeld, who will speak for the Ithaka S+R project team, a small panel will help launch the discussion. Learn more about the conference and session.


Roger Schonfeld, Vice President, Organizational Strategy and Libraries, Scholarly Communication, and Museums, Ithaka S+R

Hylke Koers, Chief Information Officer, STM Solutions