Updated on November 10, 2023

Ithaka S+R is renewing its focus on improving college opportunities for veterans.

Speaking with Student Veteran Support Leaders 

We recently had conversations with leaders of several of the most successful and impactful campus-based programs and non-profit organizations supporting student veteran success. Those conversations inspired a closer examination of the opportunities and challenges facing student veterans and some of the ways that administrators, instructors, and non-profit leaders can and are helping. This occasional blog series highlights both timely and persistent topics for those interested in the student veteran experience.

Making the Case for Student Veterans: Building Support for Student Veteran Enrollment

This report delves into the underrepresentation of student veterans at high-graduation-rate institutions and argues for their inclusion. It outlines four compelling motivations for enrolling student veterans: they enhance campus diversity, come with substantial financial support, perform well academically, and have strong post-graduation outcomes. The report also provides data and institutional examples to guide senior leaders in higher education on how to build support for this demographic. It serves as a comprehensive guide for colleges and universities looking to diversify their student body while benefiting from the unique perspectives and financial stability that student veterans bring.

Ithaka S+R and College Board Convenings

In 2018 and 2020, Ithaka S+R partnered with the College Board to convene leaders from higher education, military, and veterans service organizations. The convenings focused on increasing the enrollment and graduation of veterans at colleges and universities with the highest graduation rates.

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