This research is part of a multi-year, international exploration of the strategies being used to support digital initiatives over the long term. In 2008, we selected twelve projects to examine, analyzing the steps their project leaders have taken to achieve sustainability, with special attention paid to their strategies for cost management and revenue generation.

“Sustaining Digital Resources: An On-the-Ground View of Projects Today” serves as a guide to the cases, outlining the stages that successful projects undertake in developing sustainability models: from empowering leadership and developing accountability structures, to crafting a strong value proposition that responds to user needs, to securing the resources needed to help the project thrive.

These studies (available for download below) include financial data, and explore the decision-making process that project leaders undertake when experimenting with different strategies to find the best fit for their organization. By highlighting the benefits and challenges of a wide range of models, this work is intended to serve as a starting point to understanding the options and obstacles facing digital projects today.

Case Studies in Sustainability 2009

Sustainability Planning Tool