In the 2013 US Library Survey, a very high percentage of respondents from doctoral and master’s institutions (94% and 87% respectively) noted that their universities offer some type of online courses.  And roughly half of respondents from doctoral and master’s institutions consider “providing special services for students enrolled in online or hybrid courses” to be a high priority.

To best develop such services, librarians need intelligence about how their faculty approach online teaching.  With this in mind, the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) worked with Ithaka S+R to develop a module of questions on online teaching when they implemented the local faculty survey.

Dean for Collections & Curriculum Support Posie Aagaard particularly wanted to distinguish between faculty members’ interest in online teaching and their actual levels of teaching activity.  She recalls that “S+R spent some time with us, learning our background, and came up with questions that addressed perfectly what we were trying to learn.”

We invite you to read more about the implementation of the local survey at UTSA.  For more information about Ithaka S+R’s local survey program, please visit our website.