We are excited to announce that Ithaka S+R has launched the 2024 US Instructor Survey! For over 20 years, we have surveyed teaching and research faculty in the US, and as universities and colleges continue their commitment to teaching and learning, we have officially launched an instruction-focused edition of the survey to over 150,000 faculty members across the country.

As higher education evolves, this new survey is designed to support a variety of stakeholders and decision makers by providing new insights into faculty instructional needs and practices across different institution types and disciplines. Our longstanding survey instrument is also evolving as we divide it into two topical surveys: one focused on instruction, and the other on the research enterprise. By taking this approach we will be able to maximize the value of the findings and provide even deeper insights for targeted assessment and action.

This survey will not only include relevant questions from previous US Faculty Survey editions, but has also been updated to delve deeper into key topics, including what services are available to support faculty teaching, the materials and tools used for teaching, and where more institutional support would be valuable.

The survey will also include a deep dive into faculty use and perceptions of generative AI tools, complementing a larger project Ithaka S+R is undertaking. Survey participants will also receive questions on academic freedom and censorship, and we look forward to issuing separate reports on both these key topics, as well as an aggregate report of the core survey findings.

Over the course of this year, this national instructor survey will also complement our Instructional Support Assessment Institute, which kicked off last month with seven institutions. Throughout this year, each institution will explore their instructional support needs and connect with their cohort peers for cross-institutional learning opportunities.

Please be on the lookout in your inbox if you have been randomly selected to participate in our US Instructor Survey 2024. The survey will remain open until March 7th. If you have any questions, please contact Melissa at melissa.blankstein@ithaka.org.