Technological solutions to support and enhance correctional education have been a growing area of interest over the past several years. A series of major “shocks to the system,” such as COVID, staffing shortages, and soon, the restoration of Pell grants, has only accelerated questions about technology, its implementation, and proper role in supporting education. To help answer these questions, a session at the Correctional Education Association Conference, led by representatives from RTI and Ithaka S+R, will present recent research findings on the landscape of technology access and implementation in prison education programming. Ithaka S+R’s Ess Pokornowski and Kurtis Tanaka will highlight findings from their 2022 Technology in Higher Education in Prison Programs Survey and outline ongoing work to study and understand different existing implementation models, particularly in relation from moving from secondary to postsecondary education.

The research presented in the first part of the session will then be used to frame a broader, active discussion with audience participants around their own interests, concerns, and needs in relation to technological access, implementation, and best practices. Ithaka S+R and RTI are particularly interested in learning about how states, DOCs, and individual programs are using technology to meet students’ learning goals and what additional support they may need to further expand technology use. Learn more about the session, scheduled for Wednesday, August 23 at 8:15-9:15 am.

Ess Pokornowski
Kurtis Tanaka
Laura Rasmussen Foster
Jordan Hudson