The reintroduction of Pell Grants to incarcerated learners and recent spread of technology-supported learning call us to explore how tech supports higher education in prison (HEP) programs. While tech has power and potential to help HEP learners succeed, it must be used carefully.

On March 5 at 2:30-3:30pm CT, a SXSW EDU panel featuring Ithaka S+R Managing Director Catharine Bond Hill will explore the HEP tech landscape, which is largely shaped by state-level policies. It spotlights two organizations: one links state-level justice and academic data for students who transfer systems or are released and one prepares learners for tech careers, leveraging employer partnerships for re-entry success.

Panelists include Ved Price (Alliance for Higher Education in Prison), Rob Scott (Cornell University), Jessica Hicklin (UnLocked Labs), and Catharine Bond Hill (Ithaka S+R).