Join us at the Achieving the Dream annual conference in Orlando, Florida for a session on the Ohio College Compact presented by Ithaka S+R’s Joanna Dressel and Brittany Pearce.

The Ohio College Comeback Compact is a novel approach to re-enrolling adult learners with some college, no credential (SCNC) who stopped out with institutional debt that inhibits their return to higher education, whether back to their original institution or to a new institution. The Compact permits these students to return to their original institution or transfer to another participating institution, freeing their stranded credits and putting them back on the path to credential completion.

This session, on February 20 at 12:15 – 12:45pm ET, will share an overview of the challenges facing SCNC students who have institutional debt, how the Compact model has effectively granted access to higher education to thousands of students in Northeast Ohio, and key lessons from this model that can be applied to other contexts. Learn more.