Kurtis Tanaka will be presenting more on his research on higher education in prison on March 3 and March 5 at 2021 Conference on Higher Education in Prison. For more information on the individual sessions, please see below. Registration information is available here.  

Paper: Amplifying Technological Equity
Time: Wednesday, March 3, 1-2pm EST.
Abstract: This paper will share research on the technology and information supports available to incarcerated students and their instructors. By sharing this research, practitioners will better understand how they can implement or work with different technologies to support their teaching and students, thereby expanding access to critical educational resources.

Panel: Amplifying In-Person: Reframing the Debate on Technology in the Prison Classroom
Time: Friday, March 5, 2:30-3:30
Abstract: The worldwide pandemic has accentuated inequities between incarcerated students and non-incarcerated students because of the lack of technology in prisons. While universities have used existing learning management systems to quickly adapt to remote teaching, prison programs are scrambling with how to choose the right tool to adjust from face-to-face instruction to distance learning. We need to welcome the challenges of this difficult time to amplify opportunities and access for our students. An equitable learning experience includes both face-to-face learning and access to technology. Moreover, the absence of technology typically means that programs fail to provide their students with the digital skills they will need upon reentry. This panel discussion will focus on how technology can increase the quality of in-person programs and empower students by providing enhanced access and choice as they pursue their education.