Martin Kurzweil is participating in the inaugural gathering of the Trusted Learner Network (TLN) Community, taking place on March 2, in Scottsdale, Arizona

The TLN is an effort Arizona State University has undertaken, through a technical collaboration with Salesforce, to build a secure, open-source approach to recording, curating, and sharing data on abilities plus skills across the learner’s lifespan. While new technologies like blockchain are sparking new possibilities, it will take human capacity (read: community) to advance significant, learner-centered innovation.

The first Trusted Learner Network Unconference, will bring together educators, technologists, and industry leaders to explore use cases and produce an actionable output to spark additional progress.

At the 2020 Trusted Learner Network Unconference, there is no set program–just overarching themes and goals. While there will be plenary discussions and small-group discussions, participants ultimately self-organize around the actionable themes and ideas that resonate most with their work and passions. Unconference does not mean Unorganized; by the end of the day, participants will have completed deep work that will be captured in artifacts to reflect the perspectives of the whole community, that guides the TLN Community in 2020 and beyond.