This event has been postponed. We will update the event when we have additional information.

On Thursday, March 19, at 2:15 pm, Roger Schonfeld is moderating a panel of deans of research at the National Academy of Sciences Journal Summit in Washington DC. The panel includes John Bixby (University of Miami), Susan Martinis (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Padma Raghavan (Vanderbilt University), and Keith Yamamoto (University of California San Francisco). The working agenda for the summit is available here.

About the panel

Transformation of the scientific publishing enterprise is impacting the academy as well. How are deans of research ensuring that their institutions are adapting to the demands of open access, particularly with regard to the shift in “budgetary buckets” required by transformative agreements? How is the university’s approach to research management changing given the increasingly global and crossinstitutional nature of research? How is the university’s approach to research (and researcher) assessment changing? What do they see as the future of the university library? What do they want from publishers?