On Friday, January 10, Rebecca Springer is taking part in a panel discussion on “What Is Humanities Research Now?” at the Modern Language Association Annual Convention in Seattle. She’ll be joined on the panel by Amanda L. Watson (New York U), John Tofanelli (Columbia U), Matthew Roberts (U of Illinois, Urbana), Ashley Champagne (Brown U), Darby Fanning (U of Utah), and Julie Frick Wade (MLA). The Modern Language Association’s Mary Onorato is moderating. For more information, please see the conference website.

About the panel

Researchers from five academic institutions and the MLA discuss their participation in a landmark study of evolving research needs in literature, culture, and writing studies. The study, cosponsored by the MLA and Ithaka S+R, examines faculty members’ experiences with recent advances and obstacles in the production, dissemination, and institutional evaluation of their research.

Participant reports

Later this year, Ithaka S+R will publish a capstone report on this project. Several of the participants have already completed local reports.

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