On Thursday, April 23, at 11:15 am,  Roger Schonfeld will deliver a talk on “Restructuring Library Consortia” at the CRL Annual Members Meeting in Chicago. For more information, please see the CRL website.

About the meeting

What risks and opportunities do library consortia face, and what is the future of collective enterprises for global information services? Today’s Center for Research Libraries represents a partnership among over 200 voting member institutions across the United States and Canada, an enduring model for building collective collections and leveraging shared infrastructure within the research library community. We will use the 2020 CRL Annual Members Meeting to take stock of the CRL partnership as it enters its eighth decade. We will mark our community’s successes and build collective intelligence on the challenges we face both locally and at scale. Most of all, we will lay the foundation on how CRL can best leverage its resources to project its mission into a radically altered knowledge ecosystem and continue to serve as a leading North American consortium for building and stewarding the collective collection.