On February 18, Roger Schonfeld will lead a seminar on Research Integrity, Misconduct, and Misinformation at the University of California Berkeley’s School of Information.

About this seminar:
The integrity of scientific research is increasingly in question, as sources of research misconduct and publishing fraud increase. Additionally, it seems that in part as a consequence of increasing open access, the scholarly record has become a more significant vector for misinformation. In this context, the neutrality of information organizations seems to be a growing liability, and publishers and universities alike are struggling to come up with the policies and incentives to defend against and ideally deter these threats. In this session, Roger will review some of the significant issues and some areas of uncertainty as context for a discussion about what kinds of policy options might be available in response. Please read, before the seminar, a piece Roger recently wrote about some of these issues in the Scholarly Kitchen entitled: “Is Scientific Communication Fit for Purpose?