The shift from print to electronic journals has raised significant challenges for libraries as they consider ways to ensure the preservation of these important digital resources. In September 2005, library directors from 17 universities and colleges met to discuss the current state of electronic journal preservation and endorsed a statement calling for “Urgent Action” to preserve scholarly electronic journals. In the months that followed, many library associations also endorsed this statement and its principal message that “in a scholarly environment that is increasingly dependent on information in digital form, preservation of electronic journals is necessary and urgent.” In January 2008, Portico and Ithaka, with encouragement from the Portico Advisory Committee, developed a survey of library directors at four-year colleges and universities in the United States to examine the community’s current perspectives on the digital preservation of e-journals. The survey was designed with two goals in mind: first, to analyze attitudes and preservation priorities that can be used to guide Portico in fulfilling its role as a not-for-profit archive of digital scholarly resources; and second, to provide concrete data that could assist library directors, funders, and administrators as they allocate limited resources for library priorities.