Students and the general public are increasingly interested in whether higher education is worth the cost. While it is important to showcase the value of higher education beyond individual economic benefits, we must also directly respond to the growing skepticism of higher education’s cost and economic benefits. One clear way to showcase the extent to which higher education is a worthwhile investment is to measure a student’s return on investment (ROI) from their degree or credential. In this session, a panel will explore multiple state-level approaches to measuring and communicating the ROI for public institutions.

At the SHEEO 68th Annual Meeting on July 19 at 3:30 – 4:30 in Portland, Oregon, Cameron Childress will present on addressing return on investment in higher education, sharing insights from Ithaka S+R research. Other panelists include Aaron Thompson and Michael Itzkowitz. View the full SHEEO schedule here to learn more about sessions.