On Tuesday, April 12, Catharine Bond Hill is speaking on the opening plenary panel at the National Conference on Trusteeship. The panel will be moderated by Carlton Brown, former president of Clark Atlanta University and Savannah State University, and the other speakers include Bridget Burns, executive director of the University Innovation Alliance; David Huntley, trustee of Southern Methodist University; and Miriam “Mim” Pride, trustee of Berea College and president emeritus of Blackburn College. The conference is being held virtually and registration information is available here.

About the plenary

If the pandemic has held one potential benefit for colleges and universities, it has laid bare the need for transformative change. Whether financial, curricular, cultural, or otherwise, in years to come few meaningful changes will provide lasting stability unless they enhance success for all students. Board awareness, engagement, and oversight are essential for maximizing institutional performance in this area. Kick off the conference with a forward-looking tour-de-force on what governing for student success looks like today, and how it can be a key foil to environmental disruption.