Throughout 2022, the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) and Ithaka S+R collaboratively built the Texas Student Success Program Inventory (TX SSPI), an online resource that organizes information about innovative and impactful student success programs in Texas. In the second year of the TX SSPI, the inventory has expanded to include new programs, piloted new features such as Groups, changed the way new programs can be added or existing entries updated, and hosted a new rubric tool to help assess a student success program’s potential for significant impact.

In a session at the Texas Conference on Student Success on October 5 at 2:50 – 3:40pm in Room 2406 A, Madeline Trimble and Bethany Lewis invite student success professionals to explore the new additions to the TX SSPI and utilize a new rubric tool. The new rubric tool is designed to assist in assessing a program’s potential for impact through its use of promising practices, scale and scope, orientation to evidence, evidence of program effectiveness, and return on investment. As our partners at the THECB work to build a strong culture of evidence in Texas, this tool provides guidance on how a program can strive toward exemplary potential for impact.