Kurtis Tanaka is presenting at two sessions during the 2021 National Conference on Higher Education in Prison (NCHEP). The conference will take place from November 11-14.

An Untapped Resource: Why and How to Partner with Your Institutional Library
Speakers: Rebecca J. Bott, Education Justice Project; Josh Honn, Northwestern Prison Education Program; Kurtis Tanaka, Ithaka S+R

Higher education in prison programs routinely struggle to provide incarcerated students with timely, equitable access to library materials and services. This meeting will provide an opportunity for program administrators, instructors, and librarians to come together and move the discussion of libraries past acknowledging their importance and into identifying strategies for building productive partnerships.

Open Conversation Session: The Perils and Promises of Technology
Moving Past the Fear: Understanding Technology as a Matter of Equity and Access

Too often the conversation surrounding technology stops at the threat it can pose to in-person programming, which, while an important concern, prevents the community from thoughtfully considering why technology is important as a matter of program quality, equity, access, and accessibility. Sharing findings from his research, Kurtis will discuss how technology can be the most challenging element of successful reentry, especially for those who have been long incarcerated.