Losing credits when transferring to a new institution prevents many college students–especially Black and Hispanic students, older students, and lower-income students–from earning a degree. To support these students and the institutions that serve them, Ithaka S+R and three SHEEO agencies are launching a non-profit, national, credit mobility website in mid-2024. Unique among similar services, the “universal credit transfer explorer” will show how credits earned elsewhere transfer and apply toward degree programs at the multiple destination colleges and universities featured on the site.

In a session on August 6 at 10:00-10:45 am ET, Ithaka S+R’s Martin Kurzweil will join Abby Chien, Kristin Brooks, and Steve Marcelynas to discuss and demonstrate the new site, reflect on the process of coordinating within and across their states to make it a reality, and share opportunities for other SHEEO agencies to join the project. View the full schedule.