I am thrilled to announce that we have completed our updates for the upcoming Ithaka S+R US Faculty Survey 2018.

As in previous cycles, the survey will explore the research and teaching practices, perceptions, and needs of scholars at four-year colleges and universities. This year, we have developed new thematic areas of coverage on research dissemination, open educational resources, and learning analytics, which we believe are vital emergent strategic issues for higher education institutions and their libraries. After testing these modules with faculty, we have now finalized the new questionnaire.

We invite you to run the same questionnaire on your campus and gain insight into your faculty to inform your strategic decision making. And, when you field the local faculty survey in the 2018/19 academic year, in addition to your own institution’s findings, we will provide you with a report from the US Faculty Survey 2018 specific to your institution’s Carnegie classification.

The deadline for signing up to field the local faculty survey concurrently with the national survey during the fall semester is August 15th. If you are considering running the survey, I would be happy to share our new questionnaire with you. Please email me at christine.wolff-eisenberg@ithaka.org for a copy or to set up a time discuss our survey program.