The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has brought major disruptions to every college and university across the country. Faced with a myriad of challengesfinancial, educational, and health-relatedeach institution must decide how to continue to deliver on its educational mission in a way that safeguards the health of its community and maintains financial viability. While the state of higher education and plans for the fall have received a great deal of coverage, fundamental questions about how institutions can and should resume campus activities remain unanswered.

In response to this uncertainty, we have created a set of resources to help make sense of the wealth of information circulating about planning for the reopening of higher education. These resources focus specifically on the implementation of public health strategies and anticipated modes of educational delivery for the fall. On this page, we aggregate and analyze information on the following topics:

  1. Current guidelines and recommendations published by states, health organizations, higher education associations, and university systems; 
  2. Updates on the status of COVID-19 testing at colleges and universities;
  3. Early indications of institutional plans for the fall;
  4. Guides to existing resources for tracking higher education’s response to the global pandemic. 

In addition, we track all sources referenced in an accompanying spreadsheet for our readers to use.

We will update the content of this page and its accompanying resources at regular intervals with new analyses and information. We hope this resource provides helpful insight for our partners, and welcome feedback on its content. If you have comments or questions, please contact us using the form displayed on the resource page.