On Thursday, February 20, Christine Wolff-Eisenberg will be presenting on a panel, “Student Success Information Interventions: Helping Students Navigate College Services and Resources,” at DREAM 2020 in National Harbor, Maryland. Christine will be joined on the panel by Jean Amaral (Borough of Manhattan Community College), Christie Flynn (Pierce College), and Elizabeth Jardine (LaGuardia Community College). For more information and to register, please visit the conference website.

About the panel

Research recently conducted across seven community colleges has demonstrated the extent to which students are interested in having greater support in navigating information beyond the curriculum, and libraries are naturally well-positioned to help students to develop “campus literacy.” As information professionals whom students envision as a source of support, some librarians are already playing an informal role in providing non-curricular information to help students navigate other college resources. Further, libraries serve as welcoming spaces, are often open longer hours than other locations on campus, and provide a variety of services and spaces that address both curricular and non-curricular needs. Join us to hear about how libraries are leading the way in implementing student success information interventions through the development and evolution of a digital knowledge base, personal librarian program, and embedded first quarter experience.