On Tuesday, June 14, from 1:00 – 2:00 PDT, Martin Kurzweil will present on “Solving Standard Credits and Institutional Debt” during a webinar for the Washington Student Achievement Council. To register, visit the Council’s website.

About the webinar

Recent research by Ithaka S+R and others has revealed that more than 6.6 million students nationally owe debt on an unpaid balance to a previously attended college or university, with an average balance of $2,400. The vast majority of institutions withhold these students’ transcripts in at least some circumstances as leverage to collect on the debt, with direct consequences for the students affected. In this webinar, Ithaka S+R’s Martin Kurzweil will discuss the research, policy, and potential solutions to the “stranded credits” problem through both a national and a Washington State lens.

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