Having faculty work together to articulate courses and programs across institutions is notorious for taking years to complete, if it completes at all. In a session at the National Institute for Transfer Student Success Annual Conference in St. Louis, MO, Ithaka S+R’s Martin Kurzweil will join Lexa Logue and David Wutchiett to describe an alternative approach for facilitating student transfer consisting of obtaining high-quality credit transfer information and then making it public, enabling students intending to transfer and those persons who support them to make better course and transfer destination choices, plus incentivizing institutions to make changes supportive of transfer students. This alternative approach can be expanded to making public all types of transfer information, which will particularly benefit first-generation college students and others from underrepresented groups.

This session will take place on February 21 at 4:00-4:50pm. View the conference schedule to learn more.