Over the past year, AI has transformed from a specialized tool into an easy to use mass market product. The speed of this transformation has left many colleges and universities playing catch up as generative AI touches every aspect of higher education, including their core missions of educating students and supporting academic research. In a rapidly evolving landscape, how can universities make strategic decisions about when and how AI can support student learning and faculty research?

Ithaka S+R is partnering with 20 universities with deep commitments to making AI generative for their campus communities to develop and implement institution-specific strategies for integrating AI into higher education. In this presentation, Dylan Ruediger will share early insights into key issues raised by generative AI and discuss strategies for harnessing the technology in the longer term. Learn more about the session at the AACRAO Technology & Transfer Virtual Summit, on July 12 at 11-11:45 am in Breakout Room 1.