On Wednesday, November 6, from 4:00-5:15 pm, Rayane Alamuddin and Christine Wolff-Eisenberg will present on “Community College Success: Student Perspectives & Institutional Practices” at the College Board Forum in Washington, DC. They will be joined on the panel by Dr. Braddlee, Dean of Learning & Technology Resources at Northern Virginia Community College, Annandale Campus, and Elizabeth Gonzalez, Director of the METAS Center and Hispanic Serving Institution Initiatives, at San Jose City College.

For more information about the Forum and to register, please visit the College Board website.

About the panel

Community colleges face the challenge of educating diverse and vulnerable student populations with a wide range of needs and talents on limited budgets. To that end, they need strategic intelligence on how to align their student success services to their unique populations. This session draws on findings from three collaborative research projects conducted by Ithaka S+R and partner organizations aimed at understanding how community college students conceptualize success, what existing and new services hold promise for it, and the organizational structures that may enable or prevent it. The session provides a deepened and holistic understanding of the challenges and opportunities within community college academic support ecosystems from both the perspective of those designing the services and those utilizing them. It also sheds light on how institutions can utilize research findings to evaluate and enhance their support offerings in targeted ways to better serve their students.