Transitioning to
Online Introductory Math

Appendix A. Resource Collection Process

Ithaka S+R and TPSE Math set out to develop a repository of resources that may be useful once the decision to transition online is made by departments and institutions in line with the quality and efficiency goals outlined in the resource guide. Throughout summer and early fall 2020 resources were solicited from several higher education and math instruction professional associations. One of them was MAA Connect, an online community for members of the Mathematics Association of America where members composed of mathematicians, students, and enthusiasts in educational settings can connect, communicate, and collaborate. The second venue was POD Network Google Group, a public discussion forum provided by POD Network, which is one of the largest postsecondary educational development communities in North America. The third organization was TPSE Math, the co-sponsoring organization for this report.

These efforts generated specific technology resource recommendations in four categories: (1) Adaptive Learning Systems, (2) Online Collaboration Platforms, (3) Proctoring Solutions, and (4) Scribing/Mathematical Annotation Systems.  These resources have been reviewed, copyedited, and are available online at Additional supportive materials, such as practice guides, technology reviews, and other math and online instruction resources assembled by the authors during research are also available online at