“Ithaka S+R Library Survey 2010: Insights From U.S. Academic Library Directors” aims to help academic libraries and other members of the higher education community understand the changing role of the library and how to strategically adapt to an increasingly digital environment. This survey focuses on the issues related to the strategies library administrators are pursuing for their libraries, the management of library collections, the development of new digital collections, and the creation of new services to meet changing user needs.

The 2010 Ithaka S+R Library Survey, which complements the 2009 Faculty Survey, was sent via email to library directors at academic libraries at colleges and universities in the United States in the fall of 2010. The anonymous, self-reported survey responses have been reported in the aggregate and segmented by institutional size as well as compared with responses to the Ithaka S+R Faculty Survey.

Ithaka S+R’s Faculty Survey and Library Survey are designed as complements to one another, exploring the attitudes and habits of university and college faculty members in their use of information resources, their perceptions of the academic library, and their views on scholarly communications, as well as the strategies and services provided by academic libraries to meet these needs.